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Nancy McBride

Nancy McBride

Realtor/Ret. CMSgt USAF

About Nancy

Raised in California, Nancy McBride embarked on her journey with the United States Air Force back in 1993. Spending the bulk of her illustrious career in Colorado, she held pivotal roles managing teams overseeing an array of crucial national security space systems, notably the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and early warning spacecraft. Upon retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant in 2013, Nancy, alongside her husband Robert, relocated to Montgomery, driven by a shared ambition to embark on new professional paths.

Nancy’s passion lies in aiding Military families as they transition into the Montgomery Area, leveraging her extensive experience and empathetic approach. Her adeptness in organization and unwavering focus are matched only by her deep-seated commitment to serving others. Within our firm, Nancy stands as a valuable addition, enriching our team with her expertise and dedication.

Furthermore, Nancy’s insights and expertise extend to the realm of commercial property for sale, enhancing our capacity to assist clients seeking such opportunities in the Montgomery Area. Her multifaceted background and dedication to service make her an invaluable asset as we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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