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Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca McDonald


About Rebecca

or a quarter-century, Rebecca has stood as a cornerstone within Montgomery’s market research landscape. Her extensive tenure as a principal and CFO at Nolan Research spanned an impressive 18 years, leaving an indelible mark on this iconic company.

Rebecca’s prowess as a skilled communicator is widely recognized, underscored by her adeptness in problem-solving. Her intrinsic drive to aid others fuels her motivation, a quality that translates seamlessly into her commitment to assisting clients in residential real estate transactions, whether buying or selling.

Beyond her achievements in market research, Rebecca brings a unique perspective to our firm, elevating our capabilities in diverse arenas. Her expertise extends to land management, a crucial facet in the real estate domain that adds depth to our services.

Having Rebecca McDonald associated with our firm is nothing short of a privilege. Her wealth of experience, problem-solving finesse, and genuine dedication to client welfare stand as a testament to the invaluable contributions she brings to our team.

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